30 January 2006

You Ain't Wrong Weekend (for the week ending 29 January 2006)

A day late (and possibly a dollar short) here are this week's Aint Wrongs.

Cindy Sheehan, you ain't wrong for wanting to challenge Sen. Feinstein for her seat in the Senate in '06. Run Cindy Run. (bet you'd thought I'd NEVER give an ain't wrong to Cindy Sheehan).

The voters of Canada, a big ain't wrong to all those in Canada who voted for the Conservative party and ended the Liberal's decade+ stranglehold on government up north. Good luck, eh. (and a quick Ain't Wrong within an Ain't Wrong to Paul Martin for being gracious in defeat and stepping aside)

An Ain't Wrong goes out to Wonkette, for not letting a little matter of penises and testicles getting in the way of replacing Anne Marie Cox (heh, heh, he said Cox).

Nintendo, you get some Ain't Wrong loving for translating and releasing some of your 'brain trainers' for the DS. (No comment on the 'need' for brain training in the United States).

And of course, Kobe (that's right, I linked to myself, wanna make something of it?) you Ain't Wrong for torching Toronto for 81!! (dayyum). Now hopefully the Grammy induced 7 games in 7 cities in 11 day road trip won't be a disaster (0-1 so far).

That's enough Ain't Wrongness this week. Too much happened that is the opposite. (Hamas, Woodruff, both Senators from Massachusetts)

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