28 January 2006

Why stop at 5+1, I'm waiting for the model with 42.

That's right, The Fusion is hitting the streets (hat tip to gizmodo). 5 blades, plus a 'precision trimmer'. For an extra 2 bucks you can motorize the beast.

A momentous day indeed.

But I won't be impressed until they hit the Douglas Adamsian number of blades.

I want to see a 42 blade (say 40 regular blades+2 precision trimmers) monster that shaves each half of your face in a single stroke.

The only question will be who will come out with it Gillette or Schick?

(and if you are wondering what happened to Thursday's Ain't Wrongness, I'm moving it to a weekend type thing, expect a post sometime after Friday and before midnight Monday each week, that fits my schedule better)


reader_iam said...

Wow, I didn't realize men got so excited over such things.

Sincerely, I'm find this amazing!

Pooh said...

Man, I'm a Luddite, I just upgraded from 3 to 4. Of course it now costs more to reload my razor than to fill up my car.