30 January 2006

Brothers from Different Mothers

42 and 43

According to 41, anyway.


Icepick said...

Good grief. First I end up watching several minutes of John Kerry pontificating, then RIA invokes the name of Bob Schrum, and now this.

I think I'll bang on my skull with a ball-peen hammer now. That HAS to be less painful....

Pooh said...

Pick, I have cute Doggie pictures, that might help!

Icepick said...

I saw that picture. That's no dog, that's an orange sasquatch!

XWL said...

Blame 41, not me.

And that dog is more of a sandy color, not orange, check your monitor Icepick.

(plus, those feet aren't nearly big enough to qualify as 'bigfoot' feet)

(and sounds like the Hairy Kerry was self inflicted (as a properly executed hari kari should be))

(though to be fair, according to the bushido, one should have a trusted friend near by to lop off your head should your own knife blade not be true, or fatal quickly enough)

(tangential enough?)

(and yes, I've watched too many samurai films at too young of an age, and when are those Baby Cart movies going to be released on DVD in our region, anyway, they are awesome)

Icepick said...

XWL: [T]hose feet aren't nearly big enough to qualify as 'bigfoot' feet.

It's a dainty sasquatch.

Pooh said...

You guys are going to draw the rath of my future step-mother if you keep speaking ill of the pooch (not to mention Tyge weighs 99.9 lbs and is not afraid to use it.)

And his coloration is referred to as 'heather'.

vw: pyajbg (sounds like something Snoop would say, dizzle)

The Slat Rat said...

Actually, Tyge is sort of pleased that he's been referred to as a Sasquatch. The name "Sasquatch" implies that one has a certain substance. And well, the whole orange thing, he's not a carrot top, but I will admit that he has some very light orange hues.

And BTW, surprisingly, his fit are not that big. Definitely dainty for a sasquatch of his size!

The Slat Rat said...

Whoops, that should have read: his feet are not that big.