31 January 2006

. . . . .And Now For Something Completely Different

While doing my usual sitemeter perusing, I clicked on one of those random blogspot links that refer to this site (in what universe does it make sense for someone clicking on 'next blog' for it to take them from the site linked below to my site?).

This one kicks balls. (but, alas, it's in Portuguese)

Three links worth noting, Best missed goal ever, That's using your head, and the post about the elephant (I don't know enough (or any, really) Portuguese to understand the reference in the post title, and the other titles aren't direct translations, either)


SippicanCottage said...

In Southeastern Mass, there's a bunch of Portuguese radio stations. Fall River and New Bedford have many Portuguese descendants (Cape Verdean)

I get by in several languages, including Espanol, which is close to Portuguese, but for the life of me, I can't make out the discrete words in Portugese to identify them. It sounds exactly like machine gun paced run-on Russian dictated by Barry White.

It sounds like this to me:

Douge douge douge, dougedouge, douge DOUGE douge douge, George Bush douge douge COKA Cola.

So, good luck with all that.

Pooh said...

That is a pretty bad miss...

If you think that's weird, how come all of my random "next blog" links come from porn sites?