31 January 2006

The more things change. . . .

Turns out the powerful themes Paul Haggis explores in his film aren't new. Writer and director of Crash, Haggis was just making the sequel to his famed, "Tootie Drives" episode of Facts of Life.

And did he get an Emmy nod back then, no.

No justice, No peace, (repeat, and chant it with me people).

And because I'm evil. (lyrics from here with my error corrections, left the eeeelllloooooongaaaateed typing though, that's genius)

Ya Take The good
ya take the bad
ya take em both and there ya have
The Facts of life, the facts of life

There's a time ya gotta go and show and grow
And now ya know about the Facts of life
the facts of life

When the world never seeeeeeemmmmmsssss
to be liiiiiivviinnnnn' up to your Dreeeaammss
and sudenly your findin' out that the facts of life are all about YOU!!


It Takes alot to get em right when your learnin' the facts of life
(Learnin' The Facts of Life)

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