07 September 2010

NFL 2010: Win Total Predictions AFC West

Thursday kicks off the new season of the true 'Greatest Show on Earth', that's right, NFL Football! All odds taken from Vegasinsider.com (opening line).

AFC West, ugh. I'm tempted to skip both the AFC and NFC West divisions at they both look horrible (again) this year. They should pick up a few easy wins being matched against the NFC West (the only worse division), but get beat up by the AFC South. If all the teams within the division beat each other, then they might all end up between 6-10 and 9-7. I can't believe I'm typing this, but Oakland has the potential to win this division if San Diego faulters, and cases could be made, even, for Denver and Kansas City. Still, most likely, this division is one big steaming mound of mediocrity.

Denver Broncos (Win total 7.5) UNDER!
I suspect they'll be the doormats of the division, I just don't trust Kyle Orton to produce more than 6 or 7 wins in a season given there's not a whole lot of defense on this team. Last year they started well, then collapsed, I think this year, they might win their first two, but then looking at their schedule a six game losing streak heading into their bye week seems probable. After that, they'll bounce back, but that won't be enough to win more than 7 games.

Kansas City Chiefs (Win total 6.5) OVER!
After last season's woeful 4-12 performance an 8-8 season probably will seem pretty good. That's all they'll get, but that'll be enough.

Oakland Raiders (Win total 6.0) OVER!
They haven't had more than 5 wins in a season since they lost in Superbowl XXXVII. Their "Commitment to Excrement" has been impressive in the seasons since 2002. Why should things turn around now? First, easy schedule, second, Jason Campbell is a huge upgrade at QB, third, they have a very good defense that if they don't make stupid mistakes, should put them in position to beat any team they face. They are capable of beating, or losing to, any other team in the league, not too many squads can say that. Let's not go too crazy, though, even 8-8 will look great after all the losing, but 8-8 is within reach.

San Diego Chargers (Win total 11.0) UNDER!
Along with the Colts, they share the honor of having the highest number where their win total is set. I think that's more a reflection of the division their in, then their talent level. Their defense is suspect, and their offense will miss Vincent Jackson if he is traded (or pouts). Norv Turner is still their coach, and that's still a bad thing. I think they slip to a 8-8 or 9-7 team this year as their division is more competitive than people are crediting, but that might still be enough to get them in the playoffs.

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