07 June 2010

Your Daily-ish Photo (What Happens in the Purple Room? Edition)


So, as these posts aren't exactly daily anymore, a slight change in the title (the -ish ending is ever so versatile and useful).

And whatever happens under that purple light inside the 'motor clinic', can't imagine it being all that nice.

I'm thinking the scene in there is either Lynch-ian, or Tarantino-esque, but I could be wrong, I'll leave it up to you, dear readers, to decide what's happening in the purple room

In the purple room...
there's probably a gimp being brought out, right now
a dwarf is speaking backwards
a groovy forgotten 70s hit is playing as someone loses an ear
there's a man huffing NO2 while extolling the virtues of Pabst, Blue Ribbon
nothing untoward, dramatic or creepy is happening, darnit
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