24 February 2010

Your Daily Photo (Driving Sideways? Edition)


This is one frame from a possible video, processing now to see if it looks like anything. Below is the song that inspired the title of today's Daily Photo.

UPDATE: Video came out semi-interesting, so it gets embedded below. Wasn't sure if taking half second exposures while driving would be too blurred, but when run in sequence, it's an interesting effect. Decided to run the whole thing backwards at 3 times the speed, just because that was always my favorite part of rainy day movies back in elementary school, when they'd kill time projecting the film through the projector backwards rather than rewinding it the normal way. Kids nowadays, they miss that sort of entertainment. I bet when gym is cancelled for weather reasons(assuming they have gym), all the kids just whip out their Nintendo DSs or PSPs and amuse themselves.

Anyway, it's me driving down Santa Monica Blvd, then Wilshire, then reversed on a misty/drizzly Wednesday night.

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