27 February 2010

Your Daily Photo (Better to Evacuate and Be Wrong, Then Be Wrong and Not Evacuate Edition)


Taken back in August, possibly posted as a daily photo before. The tsunami that hit Hawaii (I refuse to add the ' between the Is, didn't used to have to do that in English, and I'm not about to start) was non-damaging, and they seemed a bit disappointed at CNN. There was probably a significant economic impact in the main tourist areas in Hawaii with the beaches being evacuated all morning on a Saturday, but evacuating and being wrong about the need to evacuate is a much better problem to deal with than not evacuating and needing to rush thousands of people out of low lying areas at the last minute as the waters come rushing in.

The massive earthquake that struck Chile was extremely damaging across a wide area, but seems the building codes in Chile are enforced well enough that fatalities from this event won't be catastrophic as they were in Haiti (it was also helpful that the epicenter was dozens of miles offshore).

According to this report, there was a tsunami surge locally, but nothing worth worrying about.

I also find it interesting that if you didn't have FNC, CNN or MSNBC over cable or satellite then the only continuing, breaking coverage you could find was on Telemundo and Univision. The networks have abandoned 'breaking nuews' type coverage for the most part (with the odd recent exceptions of various Michael Jackson related coverage this past summer, and more recently Tiger Woods silly little press conference).

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