27 February 2010

LOL Obama, Daily 27 February 2010


You know, the Obama administration should thank me for some of these. The President comes across as a warmer, more engaging and humorful person how I sometimes present him being in LOL Obama than he does in other venues.

(my apologies to the English language, for torturing you in that previous sentence)

I think that's the problem his media people don't understand. He's not "The One", he's just a dude. It seems they can't figure out how to present him as just a dude without slipping into, he's "The One" territory. He's an aloof, arrogant, and likely a touch effete dude, but he's a dude, nevertheless. They so desperately want to create a 'Camelot' feeling to these 'behind the scenes' images, but that was a pose and a lie when it was around Kennedy, and it's an even greater pose, and a bigger lie with regards to Obama. Instead, just present him as a human in a rough job that enjoys certain fascinating trappings, and get some non-sycophants to review these pictures before posting them out in public, might save some embarrassment that way.

But, luckily for me and this project, I don't see that sort of self awareness coming from the White House during this administration, they just don't get that everyone doesn't love them the way they love themselves.

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