04 January 2010

Thanks, TJ, You Saved Me a Lot of Walking...

Following up on this post from July.

To recap, TJ Houshmandzadeh complained about his 91 WR ranking in Madden 10 (sixth best in the NFC), and I pledged to walk to Culver City if he finished with top five stats.

Well, the season stats are in, and TJ was 9th in receptions, 16th in yards, 38th in average, 8th in first downs, and tied for 37th in TDs with a measly 3 TDs over the season. The only positive stat he's in the top five is he's tied for fifth as top target with 135 passes thrown his way.

A down year for him on a lousy team. TJ didn't make the transition from #2 to #1 target, as has happened with a lot of solid #2 wideouts who end up leaving a team for a big contract to become the #1 target for a different team.

Some of his downturn has to do with his QB, and the OL problems at Seattle, but he's also just not a #1 wideout.

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