24 July 2009

Topic for Discussion: Genetic Linkage and Certain Attributes Pertaining to Athletes

From the Genetic linkage wiki:

Genetic linkage occurs when particular genetic loci or alleles for genes are inherited jointly. Genetic loci on the same chromosome are physically connected and tend to stay together during meiosis, and are thus genetically linked. This is called autosomal linkage. Alleles for genes on different chromosomes are usually not linked, due to independent assortment of chromosomes during meiosis.

Using NFL wide recievers as data points, I posit that the genetic stew that leads to the ability to both sprint short distances fastly combined with being able to make sudden and quick course changes, those alleles that are responsible for these capacities are also linked to the genes that control extreme narcissism.

Previous data points, see: Terrell Owens, pretty much everything he's ever done, latest data point TJ Houshmandzadeh and his ridiculous beef with MADDEN 2010.

Seriously, dude, seriously.

First of all, according to the game, you are 6th overall amongst NFC WRs with a 91, and you are complaining?!?

I pledge right now, if he finishes the season with top five stats like he told Sporting News he would, I'll make a similar pledge as to the one he made last year. That's right I'll walk from my home to NFL Networks HQ.

OK, so from my house it's only about 5 and half miles, nothing close to the 31 miles you were willing to walk, but it's not my fault that the destination is on my side of town.

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