05 January 2010

Oh Crap, NFL in Los Angeles Might Really Happen, and Soon...

Despite ownership denials in Jacksonville and Buffalo that they are looking to sell, if you read between the lines of this AP story, I think we might be seeing the return of NFL Football to Los Angeles (or more precisely, City of Industry), sooner, rather than later.

I'd guess the Jaguars are the prime candidate, with the Rams joining them a year or two later so that the LA Stadium would have an AFC-NFC pair of tennants the way the do things in Meadowlands.

Hopefully Los Jaguares will swap divisions with the KC Chiefs, or they'll be racking up those frequent flyer miles playing in the AFC South. No such problem for the Rams, though, despite being in St. Louis for 16 years, they never left the NFC West.

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