09 November 2009

From an Alternate Universe Where Amazon Thought Brutal Honesty Was an Excellent Sales Technique...

Amazon's making a push to sell denim with a new improved return policy (via Instapundit)

Above, if they chose the brutally honest method of advertising copy.


Trooper York said...

Hey don't diss my sales techinque.

The girls in the store love.

They always say " Jim how do my titties look in this dress."

"Baby I'll buy you a drink no problem."

That's the acid test.

They love a straight guy's unvarnished opinion.

Trooper York said...

One girl I had to say:

"No baby I wouldn't buy you a drink if you were wearing that dress."


"Yeah, I would buy you a car."

XWL said...

Your honesty isn't so much brutal, as horndogged.

I would imagine horndogged honesty works in most cases, and I would imagine you find ways to avoid answering any variation of 'does this make my ass look fat', as that answer may not be as appreciated.

(most women with a bit, or even a bit more than a bit, extra look excellent from the chest area on up, in properly cut and fitted clothes like you provide in your store)

(the back end takes more skill to present in a flattering way, I find)