22 October 2009

RESULTS: Weekly NFL Related Humiliation: Week 6

Oops, almost forgot to tally my results from Week 6 NFL Related Humiliation. It was another so-so week.

The picks:

Baltimore Ravens (+3) over MINNESOTA VIKINGS (BS: MIN)
NEW ORLEAN SAINTS (-3) over New York Giants (BS: NO)
NEW YORK JETS (-9.5) over Buffalo Bills (BS: NYJ)
Chicago Bears (+3.5) over ATLANTA FALCONS (BS: ATL)
SAN DIEGO CHARGERS (-3.5) over Denver Broncos (BS: DEN)

The results:

Baltimore Ravens 31 (3-3), Minnesota Vikings 33 (6-0) (Woohoo!)
Baltimore's comeback fell short in the win loss column, but they made it where it counts, against the spread. The Vikings rampage to 6-0, but have looked beatable in many of their games. Baltimore continues to struggle defensively, while their offense looks pretty good. If they tighten up a bit on defense, they could finish the season strongly, or maybe they've gotten old and teams will continue to be able to exploit their overly aggressive schemes.

New York Giants 27 (5-1), New Orleans Saints 48 (5-0) (Woohoo!)
New Orleans were far more impressive in staying undefeated than the Vikings were. They appear unstoppable on offense, and opportunistic on defense. Brees has been incredible, while Eli looked more his like late career father, Archie, rather than nearly perfect at the moment brother, Peyton. I guess you can't go home again, don't think Eli enjoyed his first game at the Superdome much. New Orleans will find a way to lose a few games this season, so New England's recent 16-0 season isn't in jeopardy, and by playoff time, other teams might have enough tape on this offensive juggernaut to find some ways to attack in on defense, but at the moment, the Saints offense makes them nearly unbeatable. As far as the Giants go, I blame Joe Girardi, he over-managed in that game (even though he's a manager in a completely different sport, he managed to screw up the Giants, too, this week).

Buffalo Bills 16OT (2-4), New York Jets 13 (3-3) (D'oh)
The Bills are in disarray, they were on the road, and their rookie QB was poised to come back from a couple of bad weeks, or not. Jets stink. Buffalo stink only slightly less.

Chicago Bears 14 (3-2), Atlanta Falcons 21 (4-1) (D'oh)
Bears moved the ball (383 yrd offense, 33:54 time of possession), but 3 turnovers (2 in the Red Zone) turned what should have been an impressive Bears victory, into a defeat. Any record from 6-10 to 11-5 could be possible for that team. The Falcons continue to look really good, and should be considered the favorites to snatch the top wildcard slot in the NFC (they aren't catching New Orleans in the NFC South, so a 12-4 record and a wildcard playoff spot is the best they can hope for)

Denver Broncos 34 (6-0), San Diego 23 (2-3) (D'oh)
I give up on the Chargers. As far as the Broncos go, they continue to win, running their record to a surprising 6-0, behind solid work from Kyle Orton. Given their schedule, they could still drop 6 of their next 8, so that playoff spot isn't theirs yet, but if San Diego doesn't turn things around, nobody else in the AFC West will catch them, and even if they stumble to a 9-7 record, they'd still win their division.

I ended up 2-3, while My Nemesis, Bill Simmons, went 3-2. Another week of mediocrity brings my season total to a still craptacular 12-18, while BS runs his record up to a still impressive 20-10. I've got work to do to catch up.

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