22 October 2009

BLOGTOBER 2009: Music Reviews (16 of 22) Sherwood, QU

One of the side benefits of this project I've assigned myself of reviewing a new(ish) album each weekday during the month of October, has been that I've gone deeper into the ZunePass catalog, listening to bands that I might otherwise have skipped.

Some, have been deleted quickly after the first run through, others have found their way into my current rotation, and a few others have lead me to seek out older work from that artist, cause their latest is solid work.

That's the case for Sherwood, their latest QU, is a solid bit of indie-rock goodness. They come from up the coast (SLO town, reprezant!) and for the past few years they've put out a couple of excellent albums.

Above, the band running through, You Are, from QU, it's a live run through, a little different from the recorded version, but not much. It shows off their style, and strengths. Solid musicianship, decent hooks (I'm really into hooks lately, can't help it), and the occasional harmony.

Another lively live session for their song, Not Gonna Love, and the same strengths can be heard on this track. The studio version on the album has a lot more pop polish, and in this case it helps, but the version in the video is pretty good, too.

Their sound isn't groundbreaking, but it's got a freshness, openness, and sincerity that a lot of other indie bands lack (I'm looking at you all you 'cooler than thou' bands that come out of the various boroughs of NYC). In press, they cite The Beach Boys as a major influence and inspiration, and it's evident in their approach.

It's indie music, without any darkness, it's sunny, and laid back, just like the town that spawned them.

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