05 October 2009

Get Out of My Head You Sorcerer! Victor Davis Hanson Edition

I'm trying out a new feature, it's called, "Get Out of My Head You Sorcerer/Sorceress!". This will be an irregular feature (as all features are around here) highlighting the occasional opinion pieces that are so simpatico with my way of thinking that, I'm pretty sure I thought of it before I read it. I may work on that title, as it's a touch paranoid-schizophrenic, but I'm sure we've all read something we were thinking, or at least expresses something we were in the process of getting around to think at some point.

Victor Davis Hanson beat me to the punch with his Three Dangerous Stooges piece for Tribune Media Services.

Here's the part that I really like,
America better pay attention. The president is to be congratulated for pressing for more alternative energy and conservation to curb our imports and bring down the global price of oil. But until we reach a new age of non-carbon fuels, we must far better exploit the oil and coal we have. Recent large finds in Alaska, California, North Dakota and off the Gulf Coast remind us that America has plenty of oil left. Its rapid development would lower our import bill, reduce global prices and take some profits out of these repugnant three regimes.

Our enemies have cash; we don't. The United States is running a projected $2 trillion annual deficit, while adding to an existing $11 trillion national debt.

I've said similar hereabouts before, but it needs to be repeated until those in charge get the message. We MUST exploit every ounce of coal and oil while it still has value, if we don't someone else (most likely unfriendly to us) will. It makes no sense to line the pockets of Putin, Chavez and Ahmadinejad while trillions of dollars worth of resources lie in our ground and off our own shores.

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