21 October 2009

Every Time a Blogger Links to Fox News, A Kitten Dies!!!

Good thing I hate cats... (here are today's top three links that are certain to kill kittens and piss off the Obama Administration)

Cheney: Obama's Afghan War Strategy 'Bears Striking Resemblance' to Bush's
Cheney stating the obvious. Unfortunately, the obvious sometimes needs restating, given the urge to ignore and bury the obvious that seems to persist throughout large chunks of those that are supposed to report on what's happening in the world. At least Pres. Obama got Karzai to hold a runoff, I can't say I approve of the tactics he used. Inflicting Sen. John Kerry on poor Pres. Karzai would seem to me to be a clear violation of the Geneva Conventions.

Obama's Appearances at Fundraisers Outpace Presidents Bush and Clinton
This is just evil spin from that evil Foxnews. While it's true that Obama seems to have remained in perpetual campaign mode as President, whether it be fundraising, making speeches better suited for the stump than for a President, or inserting himself into state political races, it's wrong to point out these facts. He's going to need that money to get re-elected in 2012, and getting re-elected is far more important to him and his administration than actually governing effectively.

President Obama, Don't Create an Enemies List
Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander chastised Pres. Obama for his apparent Nixonian habit of having an enemies list (a list, which I'm proud to say, I was on, at least as of Jan 24th, not sure where I stand now, though I suspect LGF has dropped off the list). The Administration sent out their jackals to the Sunday shows this weekend to specifically name Fox News as a non-news network, even Nixon wasn't so bold. If it hadn't already been apparent that was how he and his administration would operate from the beginning of his campaign, this would be shocking. The only shocking thing is that it has taken this many months for more people to realize how Nixonian the Obama Administration behaves.

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