08 August 2009

It Came From the Comments . . .


In response to the Reading is Fundamental daily photo, Bill commented:
wtf is a libnany?

My lengthy reply:
According to the Obama Administration Newspeak Dictionary:

Libnany (pronounced lib-na-NEE) --- Any one of a number of different officials drawn from various governmental departments that oversee the proper education (or re-education in the case of those previously misled) of the masses to think in ways consistent with Hope and Change. Shortened from "Liberal Nanny", to become a "Libnany" is an exulted and well compensated position, one generally reserved for those who have paid their dues as a long time community organizer, or public sector union leader. Not to be confused with a "Libforcer" whose primary job is to prevent wrongthink with more physical forms of persuasion, the "Libnany" is the ears, eyes, and soothingly didactic mouthpiece for the Administration, ready to report and correct wrongthinking whenever it crops up.

I forgot to add that the term Libnany may also be applied to the place where Libnanys meet, coordinate and maintain educational literature as well as Hope and Change approved computers that are blocked from visiting non-approved websites. Most Libnany buildings were converted from existing libraries, as it was deemed inconsistent with Hope and Change to allow citizens unmonitored access to non-approved media, so it was an easy and natural transition and most librarians (now may also be referred to as libnanians) thrilled at purging the shelves of wrongthinking books.

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bill said...

very helpful. thanks