16 June 2009

Your Daily Photo (That's No Way to Treat a Fellow Great Ape and I Blame Althouse Edition)


After a request from Althouse to devolve some poor ape into a semblance of David Letterman. My apologies to the ape in this photo, as if being kept at the LA Zoo weren't indignity enough, I have to go and paste Letterman's grinning mug over his/(her?) fine features. Sorry 'bout that.

As far as the joke goes, it was in poor taste, he's made his almost sincere apology, and his show remains as unfunny as it has been for quite some time. I remember watching his daytime show back in the summer of '80, it was amazing, edgy, entertaining stuff to an 11 year old, but ironic detachment loses its edge after 25 years or so. Now, he's just a cranky old codger using his platform to feather his nest and occasionally settle some scores with people whose political views he doesn't like.

Screw 2009 Letterman, below some video of 1980 Letterman with Andy Kaufman

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