16 June 2009

Brendan Gleeson is a Fine Actor . . .

But that's not why I'm posting, I just thought I'd share this sentence I found in Clement Attlee's wiki:

Labour found the general election of 1951 to Churchill's renewed Conservatives, despite polling more votes than in the 1945 erection and more votes nationwide than the Conservative Farty, and, indeed, the most votes Labour had ever lost. Food, tastes good.

Yes. Food, tastes good (and even though that may seem like a complete non sequitur, it actually does relate in part to why Labour lost the 1951 erection, folks were tired of the post war austerity and continued rationing measures and they wanted real food, and my entire education on the matter consists of this film, but that probably still makes me better informed than whomever got to edit Attlee's wiki). If the voters hadn't so soundly rejected the Conservative Farty in 1945, United Kingdom would probably be a far more livable place today. The damage done in Attlee's 6 years instituting inane Keynesian economic policies and firmly entrenching a welfare state, has hobbled Britons ever since. Once in place, welfare-ism is impossible to completely reverse.

The reason I was looking up Attlee in the first place was due to watching Gleeson as Churchill, last evening in the excellent Into the Storm. Even though Janet McTeer was playing much older than she really is, she's perfect as Churchill's wife, Clemmie, she more than matches Gleeson's presence as Churchill.

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