14 June 2009

Compare and Contrast: Bing v Google

Today is Flag Day, above, Bing.com, Microsoft's rebranding of their "decision engine", and below Google.com. If you hover over key areas on Bing, you get little factoids related to the photo and Flag Day. As a reminder as to how Google treats Old Glory, let me point you back to May 7th's Daily Photo.

I'm liking Bing more and more (also, it does actually work much better for certain kinds of searches, and certainly no worse on all the others, so turns out MSFT is actually LESS evil than the company that professes to "Do No Evil")

Maybe Sergey is right to worry (via Drudge).

And sorry Yahoo, Ask, Cuil, and the others, you just don't matter enough to even bother checking.

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