26 December 2008

Hey, Don't Blame Me, I Voted "Hell NO!"

Michelle Malkin notices our recently approved high speed rail line. It's not just Californians who are going to pour resources into this particular money pit, looks like the Obama Administration is going to get onboard and dump some federal dollars down this hole, as well.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, suckers!!!!!!

My predictions for this boondoggle, you won't be able to get from the Bay to L.A. on this thing before 2019 (they'll fast track portions of it, but the full connection will take time), and it won't ever make the trip in less than 4 hours (it will be slowed by stops, inclines and such, but there will be a few stretches where the thing hits the promised 220mph mark so everyone can claim success, but I doubt it will ever see better than 100mph for an average speed from its farthest connecting points), and that'll be after sinking over $30B over the next decade (supposedly it'll only cost $10B, but that's as much of a dream as the sub 2 hour travel time from Oakland to Los Angeles by rail), and either they'll have to subsidize the hell out of the ticket price to get anyone to ride, or they'll tax the hell out of the air links between the areas to force people to use the 'greener' alternative.

I did what I could, I tried to point out why this would be a bad idea when I made my voting recommendations, but I guess I lack influence and for some reason California voters think all that bond money falls from the sky and doesn't add to our state budget deficit or lead to increased taxation. Life must be wonderfully simple when you are that blissfully unaware of consequences.

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