12 November 2008

Lakers Chat, Part 6-0 Going on 7-0 (The Hornets Are Really Good, and This Is Going to be a Tough Game Edition)

Lakers continue to roll, sort of, they gave up 60 points in the first half against Dallas, and didn't take the lead again until late in the 4th quarter. They prevailed, though, and their biggest test of the early season is tonight.

2nd night of a back to back, in New Orleans, against most people's pick as the 2nd best team in the Western Conference, if they get past this game, then they have a serious shot at least matching the record of 15-0 starting a season.

Trevor Ariza continues to play amazing basketball, there was a sequence in the 4th where he stole the ball, almost got trapped, recovered, and then threw down a monster slam. It was a thing of beauty. The Lakers have two serious contenders for 6th Man of the Year honors in Lamar Odom and Trevor Ariza. Both these guys make big contributions and I doubt there's any other non-starter more talented than either of these players. Right now, their play is matching their talent (except for Trevor's free throw shooting, his percentage from the foul line is barely better than his percentage behind the three point line, that ain't right). If the Lakers bench continues to pour in better than 40 points a contest, all my insane optimism won't be misplaced.

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