11 November 2008

Lakers Chat Part 5-0 Going on 6-0 (The Mavericks Don't Have a Chance Edition)

Another night, another Lakers probable victory. Everything is sweetness and light in Lakerland at the moment. Dr. Buss was interviewed in yesterday's LAT, and he says some interesting things.

Mainly, he's happy, he'll spend the money it takes to keep this going, he's pleased with the kids working for the Lakers. Jeannie's doing great with the business side (and keeping Phil happy, presumably), and Jim is doing well with the basketball operations.

The next two nights will help either prove the Lakers just to be a good team with a shot at this year's championship, or if they continue on their roll and kill both Dallas and New Orleans, then all my crazy optimism about how they'll complete 2008 without a loss will seem a little less crazy.

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