15 October 2008

Ten Questions for Each Candidate That Probably Won't Be Asked...

For Obama (going into bullet point mode, cause this blog has been lacking in bullet points, lately)

  • Edward Said, fool or sage?

  • Wealth redistribution, policy goal or communism?

  • Mandatory government servitude, bringing us together or neo-slavery?

  • White Sox or Cubs?

  • Of all the cities to make a name for yourself politically, why pick the biggest cesspool of corruption in the nation?

  • Should the federal government set prices at the pump and for home heating oil?

  • Is combating global warming more important than improving the economy, and if one adversely effects the other, which wins in your administration?

  • Yes or No? (no other question and not referencing anything else, just ask him, "Yes or No", sometimes, how one responds to nonsense has meaning)

  • Which should be the larger priority in K-12 education, encouraging more students to embrace the hard sciences, or promoting social justice?

  • Do you really believe that the President has a line item veto as you've implied throughout your campaign?

  • McCain questions that won't be asked:

  • What's wrong with a flatter simplified tax code?

  • In retrospect, McCain-Feingold, a huge mistake, or success?

  • How 'bout them Cardinals, playoff bound?

  • How old is too old to run for President?

  • If you were forced to cut three cabinet posts, which three would you eliminate?

  • As you are likely going to be faced with a solid Democratic majority in the Senate, how would you get a strict constructionist for the Supreme Court through the Senate confirming process?

  • Fish or Fowl? (what, you didn't expect the same nonsense question, did you?)

  • In light of the Heller decision, will you direct your DOJ to aggressively attack municipal and state handgun bans?

  • What could we learn from Canada, and the way they are governed?

  • Should voting standards be more nationalized to prevent future Florida and ACORN style messes?
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    Outis said...

    Q: Yes or No?
    A: Of course I support that position. Which American wouldn't?