24 October 2008

Possible Assailant

So, the McCain volunteer who claims she was mugged and had a backwards "B" carved into her face when her assailant saw her McCain/Palin bumper sticker has discrepancies in her story from different police interviews.

That doesn't mean she wasn't attacked, but it does cast serious doubt. But as far as the backwards "B", I know many think that's the simplest proof and that it suggests she carved the letter herself looking in a mirror.

But I have another explanation, the man pictured above is known to be an Obama supporter, had lived an opulent lifestyle as a child only to have it all taken away (which could lead to desperate acts, like mugging), and most importantly, has a longtime gang affiliation (that gang simply referred to as "Our Gang", not all that different from "Cosa Nostra" if you ask me) that whenever their signs and tags are spotted, frequently feature backwards lettering (some speculate caused by rampant dyslexia within the group possibly caused by a common environmental contaminant such as lead, others think it may be on purpose to identify their 'tags' when compared to rivals, others suspect that it's a nod to Cyrillic lettering and speaks of the groups socialist sympathies, and still others think they do it just cause it's 'cute'). And if you look closely at the image above, you can see he's even holding a rather intimidating looking cutting tool, could it be the very same instrument he used to make his mark on that poor young woman?

On top of that, it's possible that the "B" isn't for "Barack", but instead it's for "Buckwheat".

(Farina would have never done anything like this, he got out of "Our Gang" much earlier and straightened out his life)


Looks like Buckwheat is off the hook, the young woman in question confessed to being an attention-seeking idiot. Nothing to see here, move along. Now if we can get a confession from this (possible) idiot in Sherman Oaks who (probably) spray-painted his own Obama sign with racial epithets . . .

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