11 October 2008

Just For the Record . . .

Since it seems that SAT scores from the 80s are suddenly relevant to whether or not a person is qualified for the Presidency or Vice Presidency, and given that I'm contemplating a go at the GOP nomination in 2016, I guess I should reveal my score when I took the SAT way back in OCT of '86.

Verbal 680
Math 690

I am teh smart!

(and even though many on the left want this to be real, Palin's scores are fake, and easily proven so, sort of like a particular set of TANG documents that played a role in 2004, brought down Dan Rather, and helped birth Pajamas Media)

(dug around to see if I could find the actual score sheet, didn't turn up, but did find a bet slip from August 13, 1990 where I confidently laid $20 to win $400 on the Detroit Lions winning the NFC Championship, what was I thinking?)

(checking the Wiki, that bet wasn't that bad, they won their one and only playoff game since their 1957 championship season by beating the Cowboys and made it to the NFC Championship Game, but lost to the eventual Superbowl Champion Redskins)

(also, what the hell was I doing at Imperial Palace on a Monday morning?)

(ahhh, I remember now, celebrating my 21st birthday a few months late, no comment beyond that, this is a family blog . . .)

(speaking of the phrase, "I am teh smart", look what blog shows up number two on Google currently . . .)

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