28 September 2008

On Wimping Out . . .

If you read the fine print of my post regarding What to Do About Tonight . . . , I never actually 100% committed to doing what I set out to do. Wiggle room is a wonderful thing, and as an aspiring politician (remember, XWL in 2016!), I need to practice my wiggling.

I just don't care at this point. That debate was a big nothing. Nothing unexpected happened. Not that that is a bad thing, necessarily, but from the standpoint of spinning a series of posts out of it, it's a boring thing, and I strive not to be too boring here.

So, I reserve the right to do what I set out to do with this debate for any future debates, with the caveat that the debate itself needs to be un-boring, and any insights I might be able to inject into the discussion be un-obvious.

Friday's debate was predictable, and my reactions would probably be predictable, as well. So just assume I wrote exactly what you expected me to write, cause whatever you thought I thought about what happened on Friday is close enough to what I think about what happened on Friday for government work, horseshoes, and hand grenades (all things where close enough is good enough).

One thing I will not wimp out on, though, is BLOGTOBER, I'm going to be posting a ridiculous amount of material for the entire month, expect a review of an album from 2008 every weekday in October (think of it as a best of the year so far list), other musings on miscellaneous crap, as well as at least one Proposal per week, for no less than four new Proposals in the month of BLOGTOBER. There will be no wimping out where BLOGTOBER is concerned.

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