26 September 2008

What to Do About Tonight . . .

I think for a liveblog to be relevant, you need major traffic like Althouse, so she can do the liveblog thing.

And to do live drunkblogging, you need to have major traffic, and be a major alcoholic (or at least play one on the internet), so I'll leave that up to Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom. Stephen Green at Vodkapundit. (UPDATE: can't explain why, but I always get those two mixed up, I'm pretty sure drunk blogging originated at Vodkapundit, though he's abandoned the gimmick it would seem)

So I'm going to do something different, and ambitious. I'm going to record one of the feeds of the debate, chop it up to each Q&A, and then break out my trusty Mind-Reader-Omatic 5000™.

So, over the course of this weekend, I'll be dribbling out posts covering the entire debate that not only have YouTubed clips of each Q&A, but useful and helpful annotations of:

A) What they should have said (in my opinion)
B) What they really meant by what they said
C) More importantly, what they were thinking when they said it, and what they would have said had they not been too busy vote-grubbing (using my trusty device, so you know this will be accurate, or at least as accurate as the 5000™ can be from 1800 miles away)

It's a big project, one I may wimp-out on, but we'll see how it goes for the first couple of questions, and if I like the results, I'll keep it up, if I don't, I'll pretend I never suggested doing this in the first place.


bill said...

I'm heading out in a few minutes to try and find an open gas station that has gas. I'll probably be out awhile and will miss the debate.

bill said...

No gas last night. People were camping out at the QuickTrip -- seriously, they were sleeping in their cars -- so I thought a tanker might be expected. Went back about 5:30 this morning and they had gas. Line wasn't too long. On the way home, passed a Shell station with a tanker in the lot. Transferred cars and headed back out. Line was already 20 cars deep at one entrance and looked twice that at the other. News reports are most stations may be dry by end of Sunday.