01 August 2008

SPAM Blogging, Vi@G®a Edition . . .

. . . so, some blogs that I read regularly turn out to be nothing but SPAM blogs (Dr Helen, Throwing Things). Instapundit mentions the problem, here.

Yet, blogger seems to think this blog is OK, so I guess I can get away with talking about penis enlargement, farm animals in a variety of combinations with people of both genders, stock tips, pleas for help from Nigerian princes, cheap Canadian medications, and of course, tasty, tasty processed pork products.

Somebody must have leaned on the aggressive spam filter switch on one of the machines somewhere deep in the heart of Google's infrastructure, I'm sure they'll sort this out eventually.

In the meantime, I guess I'll have to fulfill your SPAM blogging needs.

Here are just a few of the details spammers have included in the spam currently in my GMail spam folder to induce me to click through:

"US planes delivering aid to Myanmar get shot down" (subject, Romijn, O'Connell divorce)

"Hillary falls from horse, hurts arm" (subject, Beijing under threat as Olympics loom)

"China bans all American products after McCain defiantly went ahead with meeting with the Dalai Lama" (subject, Obama hurt in car crash)

"Kobe Bryant traded to Boston Celtics from Lakers" (subject, China has more internet users than US)

Not sure why they don't try and match subject line to come on sentence meant to get you to click through to whatever virus spewing link they hope you are stupid enough to click on. Wonder what kind of algorithms are used to come up with these subjects and head lines, don't seem to be humans involved in the process, most likely it's some sort of picking out real stories, tossing them into a food processor, and then seeing what comes out. For instance, Romijn and O'Connell are in the news, not for divorce rumors, but because they're expecting, but there are divorce rumors circulating about other celeb couples. Likewise the car crash stuff most likely is capturing the Shia stories, but the spamifier is linking those to politicians instead of movie stars. And then that Kobe to the Celtics headline, now that's just cruel.

Not sure how any of these stuff ever gets clicked on, but out of the billions of emails that are floating around the internet, even if an infintesimal number of these messages end up getting clicked on, I guess that's enough.

So as if I hadn't already tempted tripping the blogger spam filters enough with this post's title and including actual spam subject and head lines, I'll just end this post with a little YouTube action . . .

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Trooper York said...

Hey, they blocked blake site too. I think he talks about breasts too much. Now I ask you, how can you talk about breasts too much?

I blame the communists.