18 August 2008

Now We Know Just How Bad Obama Did in Saddleback . . .

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The Gumball of News is doing its rotating, flashing dance on Drudge with the breathless announcement that Presumptive Obama will presumptively name his presumptive Vice Presidential choice within the next twelve hours or so.

I think there's some truth to this rumor (this time), checked the Obama site, and they've taken down the sign-up for 'be first to find out who the VP is' list. That suggests to me the choice is imminent.

And I think he would have held off on announcing this decision till just before the convention, or at the convention, if he hadn't got his clock cleaned in Saddleback.

And just to be on record, my money is Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, with Sen. Evan Bayh a close second.


As I was typing this, Drudge took down the rotating gumball and put up a picture of a smiling Obama instead, I miss the gumball, so I'm putting one up myself. Also the roof-mounted single beacon emergency vehicle lighting (sometimes known as a 'gumball') are practically non-existent as far as current usage goes, think Drudge needs to come up with a new breaking news attention getter.

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