17 August 2008

All Those Who Haven't Swapped Spit With Ol' Blue Eyes, Please Raise Your Hand . . .

In the Mail, Kate Moss mentions a time when Sinatra planted one on her (and she liked it).

Seems it'd be easier just to identify the women who haven't had some intimate contact with The Chairman of the Board, rather than vice-versa.

At the very least, if you were to play six degrees of sexual contact with Frank Sinatra, that list would encompass a multitude.

For example, there's only one degree of separation between Sinatra and Andre Previn (Mia Farrow), and two degree's between Sinatra and Previn's daughter, Soon-Yi (Farrow, and Woody Allen, and may I add, ewwwww). And speaking of Mia Farrow, Sinatra is only one degree separated from her father (so within two degree's he has a father, daughter and granddaughter, kinky stuff) John Farrow (through Ava Gardner). He's even been with Anderson Cooper's mom (Gloria Vanderbilt, which admittedly, she was pretty damn hot back in the day), for chrissakes.

That's why on Ken Trivia, if it's a list of people, I always answer, "people who have 'known' Frank Sinatra", chances are it's pretty close to the truth.

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