29 July 2008

Who Knew?

2008 JUL 28 015

Back in the late 70s, and early 80s, when you were listening to your Cheech & Chong records and smoking from your bong, or heading out to the recently built multiplex to see their latest film and hotboxing in your "love" van in the parking lot just before stumbling to your seat in the movie house . . .

You weren't being a stoner-loser, you were contributing to a burgeoning art scene and joining a long line of art patrons by helping Cheech Marin get rich.

(and for those of you too young to have experienced it first hand, I'm sure you got some second hand "Up in Smoke" sent your way, either through Cable, VHS, or DVD, and I'm sure a certain percentage of you even inhaled)

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