11 June 2008

You Might Also Enjoy . . .

Wait, you liked that? Nevermind, anyone who likes Daria is probably some anhedonic freak, so sorry, we can't recommend anything else for you to watch, in short, you suck.

(I'm really enjoying these Blockbuster Online recommendations . . .)

And MTV, there are plenty of anhedonic freaks like me out there, release all the episodes already.

And I know the main reason they can't is because of the whole music rights clearance issue (see WKRP), and also cause they don't think it's a big enough audience, but Daria was one of the better shows on TV in the late 90s and early 00s (no, really).

SO what I'm really asking for is Congress to reform the outmoded and anti-innovative copyright laws that just don't make sense in a multi-media, on-demand, youtube world.

Death to perpetual copyright, death to copyright holders exerting extortive influence over secondary uses of their copyrighted materials, death to using copyright issues to squelch protected free speech (see cafe press regarding non-lefty parody paraphenalia).

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