02 February 2008

Why I Am Still Voting for Fred Thompson on Super Duper Califragilistic Tuesday

I know he dropped out, but his ideas remain the ones I feel most connected to, so I'm going to vote Fred on Tuesday. In the general election, I'll vote for either Romney or McCain (assuming they don't say or do something really crazy and awful between now and November).

But why vote for a drop-out and not the person he recommended?

If enough folks do it on Tuesday across the country (and admittedly, they probably won't) it would send a signal to whoever becomes the eventual GOP candidate, that the ideas Thompson represented are ideas that they should think about following as well, his positions were strong, but his candidacy a little weak.

I'm voting for the ideas he represented, small government, strong defense, common sense, free trade, and most importantly a return to federalism.

It'd be great if he got even 5% of the vote, 10% would be even better, not likely, but one can dream.

If he gets a significant number of votes despite dropping out, it will make the other candidates take notice.


Just checked one of my email accounts and noticed a message from the Governator urging me to vote for McCain. While I often agree with our Governor, I'm still not going to vote for McCain. Thought I'd post a portion of an image of the email below, just you can see what Arnold is saying about McCain. If you click on it, should be large enough to read the text.

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Pastor_Jeff said...

Dude, I'm still disappointed about Fred, too, but voting for him isn't going to do anything. It won't send a message; nobody cares.

I still don't know who I'm voting for tomorrow, but don't waste a vote.

vw: fujet. The airline nobody wants to fly.