12 February 2008


The gmail filter has been pretty solid in preventing spam making it into my inbox, but lately, it seems that some bits of spametry is defeating their filter. Ignoring the actual spam portion of the email, I'd like to focus on the word/salad poetry. It's actually pretty interesting stuff:
The city, laid siege to it, and burned it to the interposed,
through my host, a shy brief question apprehension, every
time she opened her lips, of mighty arms, as long as i am
under the shadow the patrornas, the saisavas, and innumerable
karnapravaranas, and peaceful interior. The lightheartedness
that weakened. Worn out with fasts, thou art very much possessed
of heroism, highborn and the favourite to them that she
has made a mistake and she don't question by asking another.
you knew that the with sikhandin. And the matsyas, o king,
engaged was, said beacraft, grimly he left yesterday. Gus
holds forth again say, old scout, cautioned if righteousness
and power be associated with what possessed me after olga
appeared. She poisoned.

There's bits up there that sound suspiciously like it's borrowed from the Rigveda, I could be wrong, but I strongly suspect a vedic source for some of that phrasing and vocabulary.

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