12 February 2008

"Not One Person Was Offended By It, Everybody Seemed to Dig It"

Penn talking about a Sen. Hillary Clinton joke he told.


Pastor_Jeff said...

Either the Obama wave is going to crest before too long, or he's the next President.

The wave does have to crest, doesn't it? I mean, Americans have the attention span of a rutabaga.

Ooh, look! Brangelina!

XWL said...

Voting for The Obama washes away our trangressions. Messiahs are hard to ignore. Even false ones, even ones that absolve us of false sins.

The delegate math is still in Hillary's favor, but that isn't stopping the current pro-Obama narrative.

If Obama doesn't win the nomination it will be 'tainted'. That 'taint' will turn off a lot of the Dems in the general election.

Hello Pres. McCain, and hello GOP majority in the House once again.