16 January 2008

This Steve Jobs May Be Fake, but the Hype Over the Macbook Air is Very, Very Real . . .

Fake Steve Jobs fake blogging with fake statements about fake performance features of the very real Macbook Air:
And then there is Air. I don't like to call it a product, because to me it's more than that. To me it's a vision. My vision. It's a statement. My statement. It's a no-compromise laptop that has the fastest processor ever invented, the most RAM available on any computer in the world, the best keyboard, the best screen, and the longest battery life of any laptop ever made, plus it's thinner and lighter than any computer ever created in all of history. How do we do it? How do we make the fastest, most feature-packed laptop but put it into a tiny package and give it such amazing battery life? I like to think of it as magic. And so should you. That's all you need to know. We did it. And it's magic.

The ladies seem to love it (at least this lady, and this lady). I'd have called it the LL Cool Macbook, instead, and I'd offer it in pink as soon as possible. Purse-sized (and an arm-toning 3lbs!, that's a feature not a flaw), but still 13 inches of visual splendor, what every woman wants (in a laptop?).

I'm not saying gender plays a part in reaction to the macbook air (why would it?), yet the more male dominated Gizmodo (and its mostly geeky male commenters) greet the device with considerable more scepticism, enough so that they've opened an official 'flame war' thread for people to bash (and praise) the device. Out of the 250+ comments so far, the bashers greatly outweigh the praisers.

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