16 January 2008

I Am Not X (I Am XWL)

From the most recent Kausfiles blurb (can't direct link, so I'll copy/paste instead):
Emailer X (or is it Y?)--who seems to know his GOPs--sends this usefully pithy analysis:

I don't think the importance of SC can be over-stated now. If Huckabee wins, there will be panic in GOP circles. If Romney wins, the base will be very uneasy. If Thompson wins, everyone will be completely confused. If McCain wins, the base will be very unhappy. And Giuliani won't win.

4:12 P.M.

My preference is for confusion. Not because I want the GOP to be confused, but because Pres. Thompson would be the best possible President of those left running.

Though, I still hold out hope that a good back up plan would be Pres. Giuliani/VP Thompson, or I could even stomach a Pres. McCain if he had VP Thompson lording over the Senate (and holding McCain's feet to the fire of conservatism, he'd act as a conscious preventing McCain from getting too 'bipartisan')

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