02 January 2008

Random Wiki Article of the Day . . .

OK, it's random in the sense that I hit the "Random Article" link on Wiki, but it's not random in the sense that I kept hitting the random link until I came across something that seemed interesting.

Georges Ferdinand Bigot sounds potentially interesting. A French artist, born in 1860, died in 1927. He lived in Japan from 1882 to 1900, during a time of great upheaval in Japanese society. If he has a diary, or if there's more biographical detail about him, it could make for an interesting 'stranger in a strange land' sort of picture.

It would be nice to make a picture like that which instead of making the Asians out to be the exotic freaks (even in their own country), that the weird exotic one is the European foreigner.

That's probably too much to ask.

Digging around just a bit on Google, doesn't look like there's much more about him, and peeking at the Japanese Wiki page, it has much more info, but it's all Greek (or Japanese) to me.

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sistasinga said...

Georges Bigot is my great grand father and I received a google alert that took me to your blog.

If you wish I can tell you a little more about him although I do not know his whole life story.

This is going through my wife's email ; you may contact me directly at mine :