02 January 2008

I Am Incapable of Expressing How Loathesome I'm Likely to Find This Upcoming Film . . .

. . . normally I can express my disdain pretty well, but my eloquence fails when faced with the prospect of this project.

Boomer Nostalgia-ism, check.
Radical Chic-ism, check.
Spielbergian Moral Relatvism, double check.
Sacha Baron Cohen in a serious role, Wawaweeee.

Maybe I'm wrong and it won't be hagiography, instead it will attack the Chicago 7/8 for the jerks they were, but given that Spielberg has already compared the tone of this picture to his awful piece of Munich, I think we can expect to get exactly what it appears to be, another picture that 'sticks it to the man' and glories in yippie radicalism.


The reanimated corpses of hippies will never die, it seems. Their pungent odor will waft throughout history (or at least till Boomers start dying in droves sometime in the 30s and 40s)

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