07 January 2008

NFL Pick Results: Wild Card Weekend

Ouch. My picks weren't insensible, it was the results that were senseless.

Eli Manning figuring out how to win a playoff game? Never gonna happen. Seattle is really, really good? Can't be. The Pittsburgh game was a push, but it seemed like they were going to complete the comeback and make me look a bit smarter. At least San Diego played well and saved me from a weekend without any successful picks.

So I went 1-2-1 while My Nemesis Bill Simmons™ went 2-1-1. He was smart to ignore the 'team on a roll' aspect of the Seattle-Washington game, and picked according to home field, talent, and coaching (Gibbs was outcoached by Holmgren in that game).

Eli made 'the face', and yet his team still won going away. Tampa Bay just weren't very good.

I'm looking forward to next week's match-ups, though. Will New England roll, or will they be tight fighting history and a solid Jacksonville team? Will San Diego build off of their win at home and have success on the road against a beatable Indianapolis team (one they beat earlier this year)? Will the Cowboys be ready for the Giants, a team they handled easily twice this year, or will NY get the upset? Will Holmgren be able to bedevil the QB he coached to two Superbowl victories and beat Green Bay on the frozen tundra? Will I be able to make up for this week's miserable showing and go 4-0 with my picks this upcoming weekend?

Only time will tell.

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