03 January 2008

Late Night Shows: The Returnination Part I (Jimmy Kimmel)

For really detailed WGA strike stuff, Nikki Finke's Deadline Hollywood Daily has been a popular site. She's put up a breakdown of all the shows and how they handled their return. But just cause someone else did this bigger and better, doesn't mean I won't subject you to my ramblings.

Watching Kimmel. He's been low-key, no stand-up monologue at the top of the show. He did pretty much call the writers a bunch of brats for picketing Leno and Conan given that they've been paying their writers and staff from their own pocket for many weeks (Kimmel wasn't picketed, the WGA is planning on hitting him Thursday or Friday night, probably figuring they can make news twice this week, and again when they hit the return of Stewart and Colbert next week).

Kimmel didn't tell too many jokes, just sort of told some anecdotes, and did the usual kidding with the security staff.

A shockingly sober Andy Dick talked about being sober and other stuff, not the best segment ever, but really no different from most other "star" chats with host moments.

Race car driver Helio Castroneves (and current Dancing With the Stars champion) is the 2nd guest. Kimmel continues to seem really interested in Dancing With the Stars. He and Helio take a moment to drool over his dance partner, nineteen year old Julianne Hough for a bit. Again, this part of the show is essentially unchanged.

And now we are at the commercial break before the musical guest, Kid Rock, comes out. This is where I check out, there are somethings I'm willing to do for this blog, but watch Kid Rock perform isn't one of them. His time was quite a few years ago, he ain't my bag, as the kiddies would say (or at least they will say when they pick up beatnik/hippie lingo again sometime in the near future).

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