03 January 2008

I'm as Sick of Blogging About This Topic as You Are Reading About It, but One More Thing . . .

More WGA related nonsense here. It beats writing about the Iowa Caucus, anyway.

So WGA members think they've got Jay Leno in trouble since he admitted to writing jokes to give in his monologue.

Ohhh! The Horror! The Horror!

Clearly, the WGA rules do state that a WGA member can't write, even material they perform themselves, if they choose to perform during the strike, they can only do so from scripts prepared before the strike, or only material such as anecdotes or extempraneous interviews and observations.

Jay Leno admitted to violating this when he said he discussed the jokes he was going to tell with his wife, just like he always does. Somehow the WGA is going to try and convince the public that a working comic doing his own material on his own show is doing something awful by wanting to actually be entertaining while fulfilling his contractual obligations to the studio that employs him.

I've got news for the WGA, you'll look like a bunch of major league asses if you push this issue. If you go on, do your best, that's what the public expects, outside of the public sector, most people work non-union jobs and don't care if their late night comedy comes with the union label or not, they just want funny (which doesn't really explain why Leno continues to be so highly rated, but whatever).

Reminds me of the RIAA (Pastor Jeff has a good post on this mess, here), they think just cause a badly written law is on their side, that when they push the issue, folks will change their behavior and fall in line.

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