18 December 2007

Shouldn't That Read, Gestating?

I'm just saying . . .

I would have gone with "GESTATING..." beneath the latest banner headline at Drudge. Looks like the Dems are about to let the scandalpalooza be unleashed upon each other. Expect revelations regarding the other top candidates to follow.

National Enquirer is a rag, and full of half truths and occasional outright lies, but with something that specific, they probably wouldn't have let hit the stands without some corroboration beyond the word of the woman claiming to be having a John Edwards 'lovebaby'.

The real question is, who paid her to come forward, the tabloids, Obama folk, or Clinton folk?

(I'm not saying the GOP is above this sort of perfidy, but they'd love to run against Sen. Edwards, so I don't see them dropping a bombshell like this before it would help them in the general election)

1 comment:

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Given that it's democrats, that's not really a baby until it's birthed. Fetus defeatus. What an astounding feat dis is.