18 December 2007

All The News That's Fit to Gestate

I'm your pregnancy rumor/news clearinghouse. I'm repurposing this website.

First off, Jessica Alba, dude?!? Dude!?! Seriously, with that Cash fella, did you really have to? Bet you still look totally hot all the way up to about the 7th month or so. And if he punks out and dumps you while you find yourself "All Spearsed-up", I promise right now to jump in and help you through this difficult time, it's the least I can do (That offer goes double for Salma Hayek, too, I know she already had her kid, and is engaged to her super-rich baby's daddy, but you know men, they're dogs, so I'll be happy to be a stepdad to your beautiful mija).

Secondly, 16 year old Jamie-Lynn Spears!!! That ain't right, at least your sister waited until she had half a decade of stardom and was old enough to vote before finding herself "in the family way". Was it Knocked Up that got you wanting a baby of your own? Or was it Juno? Or was it watching the great times your sister has had being a mother?

Fecundity, thy name is Spears.

Will being "all Spearsed-up" become the new slang for pregnant?

Sample: Yeah, I just took the EPT, and the pee stick totally shows that I'm ALL SPEARSED-UP, good thing we were thinking of having children anyway.

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