16 November 2007

Weekly NFL Related Humiliation (Week ELEVEN)

Lucky week eleven, this time I'll be 5-0 for sure. Here's the link for the picks of My Nemesis Bill Simmons™ for comparison. As always, these picks are for entertainment purposes only. I don't usually pick nothing but favorites, but I don't see any upsets possible in these five games, so these are my picks and I'm sticking to them. Not going to bother with descriptions for each pick, you have 3 probable blowouts, plus two 17-10 games with San Diego v. Jacksonville and Tennessee v. Denver. I expect those games to be about as fun to watch as whatever colorful metaphor is your favorite to use in cases where you sarcastically mention something that's obviously not fun to watch at all to express an utter lack of enthusiasm for watching a particular game. It's a good week to go see a movie, Beowulf in 3D looks like it might be interesting, and the Coen Bros. movie is opening wider, so don't watch football this weekend, hit your favorite multiplex instead.

Carolina(4-5) at Green Bay(8-1) I pick Green Bay -9.5 BS Picks GB

San Diego(5-4) at Jacksonville(6-3) I pick Jacksonville -3.0 BS Picks Jax

Washington(5-4) at Dallas(8-1) I pick Dallas -10.5 BS Picks Dal

New England(9-0) at Buffalo(5-4) I pick New England -10.0 BS Picks NE

Tennessee(6-3) at Denver(4-5) I pick Tennessee -2.0 BS Picks Den

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