03 November 2007

RESULTS Weekly NFL Related Humiliation (Week EIGHT)

Another week, another week of humiliation. This week it was 3-2 style humiliation, with My Nemesis Bill Simmons™ also going 3-2. After eight weeks of this stuff, we are both sitting at 18-19-3. Here's hoping next week will get me over .500.

Indianapolis 31 Carolina 7 (I picked Carolina +7.0)
D'oh! It's not their offense that's been impressive this year, rather their defense. The Colts defense is much better than last years. Whether or not that will be enough to get them back to the Superbowl remains to be seen (all signs are pointing to NO). Carolina had a bad game, but playing one of the two top teams in the NFL didn't help matters. Seems like the only team that gives Indy trouble consistently is Tennessee, otherwise they're solid. Carolina might cause some problems in the NFC playoffs, or they might drop to 6-10, there's a lot of games left.

Houston 10 San Diego 35 (I picked San Diego -9.0)
Woohoo! It wasn't as close as the score indicates (if that could be said for a 25 point victory). San Diego seems to have righted themselves, or they've just fattened up on three crappy teams. They travel to 2-5 Minnesota this week, but face a Sunday night showdown with Indianapolis the week after that. If they play well in that, they might be for real, even with Norv Turner calling the plays.

Jacksonville 24 Tampa Bay 23 (I picked Tampa Bay -3.5)
D'oh! You can't stop Quinn Gray, you can only hope to contain him. OK, maybe not, but he still got the job done (even if he overthrew his receivers on many plays), so while the Jaguars are waiting for Garrard to get better, their season might not fall apart. They have little hope of catching Indy, though, so all they can hope for is a wildcard berth. Tampa Bay are a hard team to figure out. They sit at 4-4, and are another team that could finish anywhere from 6-10 to 10-6. With New Orleans playing well again, they are in a muddled division with any of the three teams other than Atlanta capable of winning the NFC South.

Washington 7 New England 52 (I picked New England -16.0)
Woohoo! They're scary. The Pats aren't from this planet. Washington seemed like a decent team before this game, not so much, anymore. Tom Brady, 30TDs in 8 games. For the month of October 20 TDs and 1 INT. Couple that with a solid defense, and you have a team that has dominated their competition like no other in recent memory. If only they had a running game . . .

Green Bay 19 Denver 13 (I picked Green Bay +3.0)
Woohoo! Green Bay is probably pretty good. Denver on the other hand kind of sucks. Bad weekend for Colorado sports fans. The Packers didn't really get their offense together, but they managed to connect for two 75+ yard pass plays for their only TDs in the game (one in OT). Denver has a good enough defense to be in every game they play, but their lack of offense most likely means this is a year where they miss the playoffs.

So that was the week that was. I hear there's a pretty big game next week, I guess people can't wait to see how the 2-5 49ers handle heading to the 1-6 Falcons Georgia Dome, shame that won't be on TV here (oh, and there's that afternoon game between the Pats and Colts, I guess some people are looking forward to that one, too).

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