24 October 2007

Super Mega Humiliation (NFL Variety) Results Post (Weeks 5, 6 and 7)

Been slacking off on the results post, so rather than individual ones, thought I'd slap them all together into one big overview of the past 3 weeks of NFL Football.

The season is shaping up to be especially craptacular, excepting for New England and Indianapolis. The rest of the teams are in one huge pig-pile of mediocre to awful.

They should switch the playoff format now, to a seeded format that ignores conference. It'll be a shame for Indianapolis and New England to play for the "real" Superbowl two weeks before the scheduled Superbowl, but that's the way this season appears to be shaping up.

Not bothering with individual breakdowns, I'll just run the totals, and compare them to MY Nemesis Bill Simmons™.

Week 5:XWL 4-1, BS 1-4 Cummalative totals XWL 12-12-1 BS 12-12-1
Week 6:XWL 2-1-2, BS 1-2-2, Cummalative totals XWL 14-13-3, BS 13-14-3
Week 7:XWL 1-4, BS 2-3, Cummalative totals XWL 15-17-3 BS 15-17-3

As you can see, BS and I are an equally lousy 15-17-3 at this point in the season against the spread. Week 5 was glorious with only Buffalo's covering the spread versus Dallas in that amazing Monday night contest tripping me up, and Week 6 I only screwed up on Seattle, since I'd already assumed the Saints were done for the season. We won't talk about Week 7, the less said about this past weekend, the better. The only thing I'll say is that what crappy scheduling. Out of all the games last week, only two were between two teams with better than .500 records, the first one that comes to mind is easy, that was Indianapolis at Jacksonville, but you have to be a real NFL fan to know the other off the top of your head (Tampa Bay at Detroit).

10 weeks to go, I don't think I'll be going 50-0 over the next 10 weeks, but here's hoping, and with upcoming Thursday and Saturday games coming, I'll stick to picking just five games, even when more than five are telecast.

But screw football anyway, now's the time of year to start thinking about the NBA...

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